this is a now page, inspired by derek sivers.

updated: november 26, 2021

hey, i am elsa 🤩

ps. my curls are a real deal.

i am in love with a woman.
she’s extraordinary.

in a nutshell

i wake up early,
i sleep minimum of 8-hours.
i work 4-days a week, friday’s off.
i rarely do cars, i cycle almost everywhere.
i work as a junior software engineer from home.

nowadays, most of my decisions are strongly influenced by electromagnetic fields. i have rearranged my life. all wireless connections are now wired. phone lives mostly on an airplane mode. nightlight is red.

recent projects

i spent hundred and forty plus hours of my summer breaking, digging, fixing. finally the sewerage project at my parents home is done. the septic tank is swapped with a central sewage system.


i have been studying Mastering ConvertKit but mostly, i’ve been practicing what means personal and ethical email marketing.

in november 2021, i joined Turunduslabor community which is all about marketing. Timo Porval is leading the initiative. if you speak estonian and your marketing is fucked or your marketing needs a boost, don’t think, just sign up! it’s golden.

if email is your thing, and you are not sure if you have a healthy list which converts then send me a message (see below), and i will help you see if and what needs to be improved.


i only read what i throughly enjoy.
if i don’t like it, i drop reading it.
reading now:
always in reach:

you’re welcome to spy on my Literal account to see what i am reading, what i’ve read, and what’s up ahead.

random facts

i am 36 and i am in an extraordinary relationship.

i have a small group of incredible friends, half scattered around the world with whom i text and voice weekly.

i spend a lot of time walking in forrest because i love meeting friends face to face, and i love my own time as much as i love socialising.


here’s a poem i wrote in january 2018.

what comes comes anyways.
why ‘what’ comes is what I need.
when ‘why’ comes is divinely timed in me.

i will become aware of it, to feel it.
i will feel it, to transform it.
i will transform it, to be it.
and i will survived it, to live it.

here’s my personal collection of whatever’s →

say hi

if i don’t know you yet, please introduce yourself with few words. i would love that.