this is a now page, inspired by derek sivers.

updated: january 13, 2023

hey, i am elsa saks 🤩

ps. my curls are a real deal.

“no story too shameful, no burden too heavy to carry, when you share it with your sisterhood.”

see a piece of my story with powerful stories from other women in a documentary Smoke Sauna Sisterhood. world premier at sundance film festival in january 23, 2023.

in a nutshell

i wake up early,
i sleep about 8-hours.
i work 4-days a week, friday’s off.
i cycle, walk, bus almost everywhere.
i study programming about 15-hours a week.
daily, my dog walks, plays and teaches me many things.

i practice open, honest and vulnerable conversations about life and love with myself, my woman, my friends, my family, my co-workers, and with acquaintances and strangers.

since 2020, many of my decisions are influenced by electromagnetic fields. i use wired connections, not wireless. when i call i use a loud speaker. at nights i turn on red lights.

study heaven

i am studying javascript, typescript, react and css.
my teacher is Kyle Cook.


i always study or practice something. it’s just my nature to live and love and grow because why not?

here are some things enjoy studying:

  • emotional and mental health
  • body language mysteries
  • ethical email marketing
  • separation anxiety

in 2021 i got a longboard. i saw this video. out grew a dream for longboard dancing. i have two boards and i am learning.



i only read what i thoroughly enjoy.
if i don’t like it, i drop reading it.

you’re welcome to spy on my Literal account to see what i am currently reading, what i’ve read, and what’s up ahead.

books always in reach:


here’s a poem i wrote in january 2018.

what comes comes anyways.
why ‘what’ comes is what I need.
when ‘why’ comes is divinely timed in me.

i will become aware of it, to feel it.
i will feel it, to transform it.
i will transform it, to be it.
and i will survived it, to live it.

say hi

if i don’t know you yet, please introduce yourself with few words. i would love that.