This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last updated in January 8, 2019

Hi, I am Elsa.

I help people heal through stories.

Here’s What’s Up?

Since December 3, 2018, I am back working after being jobless for years (personal choice). Yeah, it’s a real job. A project manager slash QA specialist. A mix of both. I love it.

Up Ahead?


I have a thing for books. I create moments to read them. I also listen to audios, a lot.

Current reading:

Books (and some non-books) I have lately enjoyed / loved:


My favorite Insta drugs:

  • Jedidiah Jenkins — he’s a great storyteller
  • Brianna Madia — again, she’s a wonderful storyteller
  • Cuchira — she’s a bit scary but oh, her authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability are beyond the beyond


The greatest opportunity and challenge is in launching With that, I go where’s fear and lead with courage. Its by far the biggest unknown known to me.

The good stuff :

They all have one thing in common — trust marketing with customer first approach. I enjoy their newsletters and the entire content they’ve created. By reading, then by practicing, I’ve already learned a lot from them.

I appreciate them. Their words. Their work.


Here’s a poem I wrote in January 2018.

What comes comes anyways.
Why ‘what’ comes is what I need.
When ‘why’ comes is divinely timed in me.

I have to become aware of it, to feel it.
I have to feel it, to transform it.
I have to transform it, to be it.
And I will survived it, to live it.


If its not written, its not for the public to know.

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